700IS 2012

The festival opens this year on the 23rd of March and lasts till 28th of March. Artistic director this year is Helena Jónsdóttir, choreographer and artist. www.this.is/helena

She will show a selection that was shown during Reykjavik Dance Festival last autumn. Also we will have work selected by guest curators from the Orkney Islands, Sweden, Iceland and Finland.

Car Cinema: Outside the Slaughterhouse in Egilsstadir, the film ´A 21st Century Portrait´ about ZINEDINE ZIDANE will be shown.



700IS 2011

The opening was held on the 19th of March. As in 2009 we had a smaller version of the festival, we invited different art groups to put up an interactive installation in the Slaughterhouse, we invited guest curators to show selection of video art from around the world and also the main event was the showing of the artwork of 4 winners of the Alternative Routes prize from the 4 festival in Hungary, UK, Portugal and Iceland.

In 2011 700IS was nominated for the Eyrarrós Award.









You can read more about the Alternative Routes project here

You can see the program here

You can see information about the artists 2011 here



700IS 2010

700IS 2010 festival was held in March and we celebrated the 5th anniversary.

3 awards were given, the film of the festival to Patrick Bergeron from Canada for his film ´LoopLoop´, Icelandic film of the festival to Áslaug Einarsdóttir for her film ´Lóla´ and the AR prize to Sara Björnsdóttir for her work ´Salem Light´

See list of selected artists artists 2010.

See program from 2010 festival here.

Steina one of the pioneers of video art was the guest of honor for
our 2010 festival and showed work on 6 screens in the Slaughterhouse in Egilsstaðir. 


3 Artists in Residency showed work - from our collaboration in North Norway and Donegal, Ireland and over 70 other artfilms and videos were screened during our visual art fiesta in the week of 20th - 27th of March 2010. 

Last year 700IS got EU funding with the side project ´Alternative Routes´ with our collaborators in Portugal, Hungary and Britain.  Directors of these festivals also attended 700IS 2010 and showed selections from their festivals.

Here you can see a short video made by studio bureau - from the final night in Eiðar.

co-curated with Ólöf Björk Bragadóttir.

Our travelling show went to these places: 

moves in Liverpool

INTERMODEM Hungary 6th of May 2010

Art Triannale ( Nordic Art)  in Sweden 8th of May 2010 

Oslo in Norway and Torino in Italy in May 2010

Berlin Screening 10th of June 2010

BWA Gallery in Zielona Góra, Poland

Fareo Expo, Runavik, Fareo Islands

FRAME Research, Porto Portugal November 2010


700IS 2010 team:

Kristín Scheving, Festival Director and Curator

Íris Lind Sævarsdóttir, Co-Director

Þórunn Hjartardóttir, Co-Organizer

Maximillian Riley, Lead Designer

Þórhildur Laufey Sigurðardóttir, Graphic Designer

Ólöf Björk Bragadóttir Co-Curator for final event 27th of March

Also working with us are

Halldór Waren for Slaughterhouse Culture Centre

Ingunn Þráinsdóttir for Culture Centre of Fljótsdalshérað


700IS selection group for

´Alternative Routes Award´

´Film of the festival´


´Icelandic Film of the Festival´


Sirra Sigrún Sigurðardóttir

Hrafnkell Sigurðsson

Þórunn Eymundardóttir

Þórunn Hjartardóttir, Kristín Scheving and Íris Lind Sævarsdóttir



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700IS 2009

700IS Reindeerland was held for the fourth time and this time it was different than previous years. The festival has grown fast and now it has been decided to have the bigger event every other year and a smaller event every other year with the theme this year as installations.

Eight artists were invited to put up a video-installation in the Slaughterhouse in Egilsstadir and four guest curators were also invited to show their special selection for the 2009 festival.

Artists in the Slaughterhouse:

Andreas Templin (DEU)
Johanna Reich (DEU)
Julie Sparsö Damkjaer (DEN)
Hrafnkell Sigurðsson (IS)
Lana Vogestad (USA/IS)
Sigrún Lýðsdóttir & Tom Goulden (IS+GB)
Soffía Guðrún Kr. Jóhannsdóttir (IS)

Guest curators - festivals

Agricola de Cologne / Cologne OFF (Online Film Festival) (GER)
Pascale Moyse / MOVES (Movement on Screen) (UK)
Eva Olsson & Jonas Nilsson / AVS, Art Video Screening (Örebro Festival) (SWE)
Pau Pascual Galbis / VAIA, International Video Art Festival (ESP)


700IS 2008

29th of March - 5th of April 2008.

The opening event took place in the Slaughterhouse- Culture Centre in Egilsstadir.

For the opening there was a performance ´Hanaegg´ by Icelandic artists, Ólöf Nordal visual artist, Þuríður Jónsdóttir composer and opera singer Ásgerður Júníusdóttir.


On the top floor Sigrún Lýðsdóttir and Tom Goulden had made their installation mixing video art with graffiti art.


Every year there is a special prize and this year the film of the festival was by Max Hattler, ´The collision´.

The Icelandic film of the festival was by Þórður Grímsson, ´Noise Sequence´

We had screenings in Hofn where we showed films from our collaborators in San Fransisco, USA. In Slaughterhouse- Culture Centre there was a screening of the 70 selected films. There was a screening in Skriðuklaustur Culture Centre with visiting artists and filmmakers giving talks. In Slaughterhouse Culture Centre we had a visit from a Russian curator Alexei Dmitriv, showing his special selection of Russian films.

In 2008, our selection 700IS 2008 is showing in Manchester - UK and Arizona - USA. And is now showing in Örebro video art festival.



700IS 2007


Experimental film and video festival 700IS Reindeerland took place in the last week of March 2007.  This was for the second time the festival took place. 

It was mainly held in the Slaughterhouse in Egilsstadir and was the opening evening there where the Austrian artists Mathias Fuchs and Werner Möbius performed their piece ´postvinyl´ as well as collaborating with DJ Magic.


Werner and Mathias

Gísli Galdur (DJ Magic)

Angela Ellsworth's ´Hot Air ´

Helena Stefansdottir's ´Anna´


Artists participating this year were from every corner of the world and many had travelled to east Iceland for the opening.  It was a week long celebration of experimental films this time and as well as taking place in the Slaughterhouse there were monitors and screens also in some of the local shops and coffeehouses. 


There were special nights for documentaries in the Culture Centre Skriduklaustur and an artist talk held in the Culture Centre of Eidar, where Steina Vasulka gave a talk about her art practise as well as two other Icelandic artists, Rúrí and Finnbogi Pétursson.  Sigurjón Sighvats who is a film producer based in the USA directed the artist talk. 


This year there were over 500 submissions and from that was a selection of 85 films shown during the week.  A large number of submissions came from Britain, USA and Holland but also from other parts of the world, Taiwan, Australia, Russia, Croatia etc.


There was a group of 7 people, a mix of artists, photographers, journalists, graphic designers living in east Iceland on the selection panel and it was a very difficult job to select both for screening and also for the special prizes of the festival. 


The festival’s prize went to Angela Ellsworth from the USA for her film ´HOT AIR´, very personal piece that touched the selection panel deeply.  She was invited to Iceland as well as receiving a money prize.



The prize for the best Icelandic film went to Helena Stefansdottir for her film ´Anna´. 


These films are both now travelling around the world showing in various film festivals.


Last year there was a special selection DVD made that travelled to 7 countries after the festival with the first stop in Reykjavik.  This year the same thing is being done, a special selection DVD is being made and will it travel to St. Petersburgs Bodina filmcentre, Russia in September, MMU Manchester, UK in October and ASU Arizona, USA in November.  This will be following a talk given by thedirector of the festival Kristín Scheving.




700IS 2006

700IS Reindeerland is managed by the 700IS group in collaboration with the Culture Centre of Fljotsdalsherad

It is in its 2nd year and the only experimental film and video festival in Iceland.  For our first festival we  received over 300 pieces from 34 countries and were delighted with the responses we had from all over the globe.

700IS 2006 was a 3 day festival in different parts of East Iceland and will now expand to a week long festival for 2007.  In the official opening we got the minister of Culture and Education Mrs.  Þorgerður Katrín Gunnarsdóttir to formally open the festival, and including in the opening ceremony we had invited a British dance group – the Voiddance group to perform in the old swimming pool of Eidar (the place the opening was held last year) as they work with video and sound as well as performing.  There was a selection from the 50 pieces shown in the main festival – and 11 pieces were put on a DVD that is now on its´ own voyage.  The ´700IS Selection´ has been shown in Reykjavik ´Sequences´ festival as well as traveling to the UK, USA, Lithuania, Norway, Spain and Canada.  This is what the 700IS group is interested in, the whole process of this festival – before and after as well be the main event, not only one showing but the traveling of the work from one country to Iceland (or within Iceland) and then from Iceland on a further voyage.

Lydia Moyer from the USA was awarded the ´film of the festival´ prize for her film ´South Dakota´ and invited to come to the festival.  Garðar Backmann was awarded the ´young film´ prize for his piece ´can´t fix it´

´South Dakota´ by Lydia Moyer


Garðar Backmann