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Born in Reykjavík 1962, Sara studied at Chelsea College of Art and Design, London and Icelandic College of Arts and Crafts, Reykjavík. Selected solo exhibitions included: 2003 Confusing Space, National Gallery of Iceland, Reykjavík; 2006 The Cave Behind the Forehead, Kling & Bang Gallery, Reykjavík; 2007 Intoxication, Gallery Crystal Ball, Berlin; Es ist nicht die Kunst die stinkt es ist die Galerie, Kulturpalast Wedding International Berlin; Selected group exhibitions: 2005 Moving Centers: New Icelandic Art II, National Gallery of Iceland, Reykjavík; 2008 Journey, Reykjavík Arts Festival; 2008 Sirkus, Frieze Art Fair, London; Possibilities, The Harbour Museum Reykjavík Iceland.


Seeing things in a different light is what art is about for me.  To see some kind of a magic or a magical moment in the most mundane things like smoking a Salem light  cigarette.  To get the viewer to go pass the reality of something and open his mind to a new reality that is neither bad or good, it just is.

Salem lights is that kind of work.  To see a cigarette smoke in a new and beautiful light so mesmerizing that you forget where it comes from or you don’t even care.  A light that imitates the northern lights and moves the viewer into nature or even into a state of meditation by looking at the slowly moving image. 

Real-time video of a cigarette burning up.
14 minutes.



PETKO DOURMANA - Where does the Martian president live?


Petko Dourmana is a media artist based in Sofia, Bulgaria and London, UK.
He works with a variety of contemporary art forms that involve technology and new media.
His current artistic interest is focused on exploring human perceptions and abilities for communication trough the advantages (and disadvantages) of new technologies.
Most of his works, research and experiments are based on the visual representation of history and visions for the future.
His artistic projects have been shown in white-cube type of art spaces like ZKM Karlsruhe, ICA London, Chelsea Art Museum, Location One in New York but also in public space in Sofia, Berlin, Manchester, New York.
He is co-founder and chairman of InterSpace Association, Sofia.


Where does the Martian president live?

Alternate reality installation by Petko Dourmana

“We'll start by sending astronauts to an asteroid for the first time in history. By the mid-2030s,
I believe we can send humans to orbit Mars and return them safely to earth, and a landing on Mars will follow, and I expect to be around to see it.” (Barack Obama's space policy speech at the Kennedy Space Center, April 15, 2010)

Everybody who is interested why Obama cancelled the billions worth program for landing on the Moon of his predecessor and replaced it with his own ambitious program for landing on Mars is invited to the installation Where does the Martian President live? where Obama's speech from the Kennedy Space Center is visually transcoded for human perception.

After the cancelation of  Space Shuttle and Constellation programs almost 10 000 rocket scientists and engineers are going to loose their jobs. This could destroy the know-how for building rockets of the US, which is the world leader in space research. With this decision Obama's administration in fact hinders human landing on Mars.

What Obama did sounds illogical and obviously in contradiction with the Martian program he promoted. But if we assume that besides his obvious position as the president of the United States, he is the leader of the Martians who live around us on the planet Earth disguised as human beings, it becomes logical that his real mission is to prevent humans from landing on Mars. And therefore he uses the TV broadcasts to send messages to his fellow Martians by using frequencies that are beyond human perceptions.



RIMAS SAKALAUSKAS - Synchronisation



Rimas Sakalauskas (b.1985) is youngest generation video artist from Lithuania. From early childhood he tend to visual arts and music and thereby was studying in National M. K. Ciurlionis School Of Art. In 2009 he received BA in audiovisual arts, department of photography and media art, Vilnius Academy of Arts. His diploma being awarded with special prize. From 1997 he successfully started to participate in various artistic competitions, shows, exhibitions, festivals and other events. Among most important of his achievements is Baltic Award for the Best Work in the Field of Visual Art in International video and contemporary art festival "Waterpieces 2009", held in Riga, Latvia. His bigest success as visual artist is first prize in International Art Competition "Sound and Vision" which took place in 1997 in Helsinki, Finland. Till now he is an active video artist.


Like in a child’s dream, buildings from the Soviet era start leading their own life in a separate reality. Synchronisation has been compiled from free associations and small impossibilities. The slow tempo and spatial soundtrack give the film a compelling atmosphere and inner logic. Buildings from the Soviet era make the scenes monumental and suggestive.






Sérgio Cruz was born in Portugal. He lives in London as an artist and filmmaker. Initially he studied sound and image at Fine Art universities in Portugal and Holland. With the objective of combining his interest in cinema, performance and fine arts, Cruz undertook two master degrees in London, in Fine Arts at Central Saint Martins and the in “Dance for the Screen” at The Place - London Contemporary Dance School. Since then, his art practice has become solely devoted to film and video as a medium to articulate gesture.



Hannah explores the playful ambition of Hannah Dempsey, a young dancer and athlete with a disability.

“The film is a celebration of motion, energy and elegance of human movement, evoking the power of adrenaline in the young Hannah. It makes the connection between art and sport with emphasis on the athlete-dancer relationship. Hannah’s personal achievements reveal that disability is no barrier to creativity. Her life challenges society’s preconceptions and prejudices. In making this film, I was able to explore Hannah’s aspirations and present them as a symbol of the hope that the London Olympics in 2012 represent for all of us. I also see this film as a moving painting where I investigate movements, metamorphosis, colours, textures and rhythms.” - Sérgio Cruz




Sigrún Harðardóttir

Photo courtesy of Hörður Ellert Ólafsson

The rhythm of geysers
Interactive video installation

“ The Rhythm of Geysers “, an interactive video installation brings to the foreground the musical diversity of the geothermal site. The visitors participation is needed for the evolution of the works display. By participating the user creates his/hers personal experience of the visual and sound composition of the geysers. The experience of the one participating is similar to playing instrument or rather the one of a conductor of different musicians playing different instruments. The different geysers are the musical instruments of this work and the musical harmony are created by the different rhythm and picts reached at different stages of a eruption. “The Rhythm of Geysers” is a poem to the earth in form of 36 videos and interactive floor-piece that contains 9 pressure sensors.

Sigrún Harðardóttir studied at the Icelandic School of Art and Crafts and at the State Academy of Fine Arts, in Amsterdam. Sigrún also holds a Masters of Arts in multimedia from Université du Québec à Montréal. Sigrún has shown her works for over 2 decades in Iceland as well as in Canada, USA, The Netherlands, Germany and in Denmark. Her works can be found in the Art Museum of Iceland, The art museum of Kópavogur, The National Bank of Iceland, The Reykjavík Energy Corporation and at The Sudurnes energy cooperation.

For decade the surface activity has been a source of inspiration for Sigrún which she has captured in paintings as well as in video- and video/sound installations. For example was Sigrún´s exhibition “hver/hvar” in Hafnarborg 1997 which was the first exhibition of a Icelandic artist working exclusively with the theme of geysers.


Óskar Eriksson

The art Óskar Ericsson (1979) creates deals with environmental issues, elements of nature and order in chaos. He is fascinated by dualities, paradoxes, opposites and the ebb to each flow. His work focuses on the other side of each story, the side that is often overlooked.

In Ericsson's mind, a video is merely a window into another world. His videos often depict silent patterns in water or clouds and reveal hidden poetry in nature. Sometimes he projects his videos onto ceilings, windows or tables in order to change mundane environments into scenes from a dream.

With his installations Ericsson contemplates on global crisis and the role of elements in nature. There is often a theme of disaster present and he tends to imply the impossible and the uncanny.

Óskar Ericsson is currently living in the north of Norway were he works as an artist and runs a gallery.


Marius Almås Johansen, Myriam Borst, Roy Ole Førland, Håkon Jakobsen Aaltvedt, Marte K. A. Johansen, Asle L. Pettersen and Monica Jacobsen


Multiartist Marius Almås Johansen from Norway has taken the initiative to this artproject and has in the startingpoint invited to a collaboration with the pictorial artist Myriam Borst (N/NL).
Everyone in this project will work with “binaural beats” in different ways of expressions that will melt together into a visual and auditive artinstallation. It will also be written a text in position of sosiology.
We will transform spacesound (NASA) into binaural beats. These frequencies is sound and wavelenghts and by using steroheadset you can alter the listeners brainwaves.
Johansen, Borst, artist Asle L. Pettersen (N) lightdesigner Marte K. A. Johansen (N) & Monica Jacobsen (Master of Science in community planning) has connection to Vesterålen (N) and 3 have done artprojects in ISL. Roy O. Førland (musician/composer) collaborated with Johansen in his artproject about binaural beats in Iceland by collecting a sound- photo- & videobank in 2008 (continues throughout the journeys). Johansen, Førland & Håkon J. Aaltvedt (Masterdegree in Musictechnology from Norwegian University of Science and Technology/musician) will create “pink noise”; sound/music to our homemade binaural beats.
The idea behind this project is to combine art, music, technology, literature & lightdesign through a experimental form of process and interactivity with a startingpoint in travels to East-Iceland. We are especially inspired by the icelandic landscape and wishes to to give something back to Iceland. The project becomes our contribution at the same time we hope to find new collaborators within the same field.



Bureau is an art collective established in 2010 that works on an international level and consists of Icelandic / New Zealand / German artists Karna Sigurðardóttir, Craig Johnson and Viktor Sebastian. Their work explores a range of themes, predominantly the condition of the human body, emotion and social positioning. Their work is concerned with the role of the audience member and how this role splits and shifts as the viewing experience progresses. Bureau makes use of a range of techniques and material such as moving and still images, soundscapes, artifact, performative and participatory elements to create scenes and scenarios resulting with most of their work being of the time based medium. Bureau's work has been exhibited at solo shows, collective exhibitions, conferences and festivals in New Zealand, Germany, Iceland and Taiwan.

Bureau will be presenting Phatic Communication; A participatory moving image, exploring patterns of behaviour in a screen based, interactive performance installation.

Ásdís Sif Gunnarsdóttir

Ásdís Sif Gunnarsdóttir, studied in School of Visual Arts and UCLA for Video Art, Installations and performances. She received a master´s degree in 2004 and has since then been actively exhibiting. She has found unusual ways in exhibiting as well, for example doing performances through Skype, or doing performances in the cinema before the movie starts. Recently she did a big performance show at the Berlinale HAU 1 theater where she used edited videos in the background and made live video on stage as well as calling in people through Skype, as part of the script. In this performance every art medium came together, the performance, the poetry, the video installation and video art.

Her focus through video installation has been to reach three dimensionality and breaking up time.
In 2008, in a show in Thorstrasse 111, Berlin, she had a video playing in a tv screen and had two projectors project into the tv, the outcome was a tripled overlap but people could not figure out if the images were coming from the tv or the projector.

The solo show in Kling&Bang gallery 2008 she filled up the gallery with video projections and doubled the images with glasses and plastics.

She has made many collaborations, she and Ingibjörg Magnadóttir completed a full feature film called “High Reality”. The film is based on videos and performances by the artists. Ásdís just recently did a residency with Davíð Þór Jónsson and Ragnar Kjartansson where the did a radio play once a day in the Watermill art center called the “The February Radio Drama”.

In 2004 she founded a movement called “Theater of artists” where different artists, would come together and act in each others performances, mucisians, artists, writers, actors and film makers. Everybody would act.

John Deneuve and Doudouboy

John Deneuve's biography :

John Deneuve was born in France in 1976. She works and lives in Marseilles
working with videos, drawings, audio works,installations, objects and performance art.
She regularly collaborates on audio or visual projects with different artists.
Her projects have been shown in Reykjavik, Manchester, Paris, Prague...
In her works she focuses on pointing towards nonsense, introducing mess into organized collective-centered situations. A liberating process facing the complexity of representing reality, with the almost perverse conscience of not being able to represent it.
Her work, by operating an offset, tries to desecrate, or to make sacred in an absurd way, which is the same. She often integrates some childhood into her productions. Not in a chronological way, nor autobiographical, it's more about injecting elements from childhood into the adult space. Spectators are invited to find an escape or a solution to a disorienting show, not far from absurde.

Doudouboy's biography :

Born in 1976, typographic creation bachelor of arts in Maastricht, 3D applied to communication master of arts in Strasbourg. Illustrator and 3D anime director since 1999, based in Marseille. His work is caracterized by onirical and luxury ambiences confronting weird mascottes, he works since a few years for the luxury industry (Yves Saint-Laurent, Kenzo, Van Cleef & Arpels, Galeries Lafayette Paris, Boucheron...) and regularly directs personal introspective movies, selected at numerous festivals such as Pictoplasma (Berlin), OneDotZero (London), Shots (Cannes), Prix Ars Electronica (Austria), , Submarine Channel (Amsterdam)... His work has been published in books such as Mascotte (Mondo Fragile), Pictoplasma Characters in Motion, Pictoplasma Characters Encyclopaedia, Archive : 200 Best Illustrators and many others.


Julia Griffin

Julia Griffin is a freelance dance artist operating in the UK and Europe with extensive knowledge and experience in teaching, performing and choreographing contemporary dance and dance video/film works. She has worked with professional dance artists, dance and theatre companies, along with established artists from diverse disciplines. In a career spanning over 20 years, she has investigated, explored and experimented with dance and movement.

Her performance and choreographic work has been shown in UK, France, Spain, Iceland, The Netherlands, Slavinia, Estonia, Italy and Lithuania with Gestures Dance Company, Swamp Circus, Glee Club, Sensa Tempo, 700IS, Twisted Collision Dance Theatre, Red Ladder Theatre CO, Library Theatre Co, Gorgeous Dance Co, Igloo, Common Ground Sign Dance Theatre and Voidance Company. She is the Artistic Director of Voidance Company, a project-based company that seeks collaborations with a diverse range of artists working in the North West region. She has worked on small to large-scale projects with, visual artists, musicians, photographers, video and sound artists, leading choreographers, film and theatre directors. Previous projects with artists include Emilyn Claid, David Massingham, Earl Lloyd Hepburn, Siobhan Davies, Hans Tuerling, the late Lea Parkinson, Penny Arcade, Julie Tolentino, Katherine Dawson, Pete Purdy, The Happy Mondays, Lawrence Turnball, Rachel Davies, The Beautiful South, Lucid, Ruth Gibson and Bruno Martelli (Igloo), Susan Pui San Lok and the late Jeremy James.

Her performance and choreographic work has been seen on BBC 1's OK 2 TALK FEELINGS, BBC's 10x10: NIGHTFRONTIER, MTV, Granada T.V Best of the Fest and Manchester International Arts (Sensa Tempo, Penny Arcade). Her choreographic collaborations with Dance for Camera have been with TWISTED COLLISION'S award winning 'TREADING WATER', which was awarded by VIDEO POSITIVE in 1995, ‘Golden Day Waltzing’ intergenerational dance film commissioned by Heritage Lottery 2006 and choreography for Rachel Davies and film installation ‘The Assembly’ for Manchester International Festival 2007.

She was the only UK choreographer selected for ‘The Migrant Body Project’ involving five countries, five selected choreographers and 10 international dancers in 2007. She collaborated on 'Written on the Body', a Fracture Commission from the Arts Council, as performer and documentary filmmaker, creating an innovative 360-degree video installation screened at The Digital Planetarium in Birmingham's Think Tank. Voidance Company was awarded the inaugural Turn Prize for the immersive video dance installation ‘Three Crows on the Road’, which is currently on tour.

Her career as a freelance dance and video artist in the North West, UK and internationally has allowed her to develop a strong collaborative element within the work she creates.  Having collaborated with visual artists, musicians and bands including Black Grape and The Beautiful South, she is passionate about mentoring emerging artists from a range of performing arts disciplines.


Sultan Eldmóður (Passion jam) a Society for the production of eccentric, foreign art and jam.
  Jam making, video screenings and happenings with exclusive soirées at Bakkus, 101 Reykjavík, every month for one year (June 2009 - June 2010).
 The idea of Sultan Eldmóður was born in the minds of the artists Elín Anna Þórisdóttir and Helena Hans when the Icelandic economy collapsed.  Anna and Helena performed, making spicy Eldmóður jam to sell and give to the Puplic. The jam gives strength and encourages creativity during those difficult times. The goal was to distribute the jam to all Icelandic homes and provide a venue for artists to perform.
 Friðrik Grétarsson made a documentary about this social performance. Sultan Edlmóður is happy to preview the film at Hreindýraland at the exclusive soirées at Hreindýraland 20/3 2011.
 The film shows a performance where Helena and Elín attempt to climb the mountain Esja with their precious jam in an Emmaljunga´68 baby carriage. The Esjan performance is symbolic for the journey and purpose of the Jam. Performances executed at the jam evenings and interviews with the artists are entwined in the film. Will the Eldmóður jam get to the top?

Program of JamIsland in Reindeerland (Eiðar):

1. Premiere: The Documentary Sultan Eldmóður (40 min)
2. Jamwomen
3. Interactive video-Installation Birgirs Sigurðssonar
4. Installation by Sigríður Liv Ellingsen
5. Videos by these artists:

Alex Staiger
Anna Líndal
Birgir Sigurðsson
Elín Anna Þórisdóttir
Guðný Rúnarsdóttir
Halldóra Óla
Helena Hans
Indiana Auðunsdóttir
Janko Matic
Laura Arena
Malin Stahl
Nina Lassila
Sally and Mo
Seunghee Kang
Sigríður Líf Ellingsen


Iceland Academy of the Arts & Reykjavik University - collaboration

“Emerging and Imposing Spaces” - electro mecanical interactive art.

Collaboration between the Iceland Academy of the Arts and the University of Reykjavik.

Teachers: Joseph T. Foley & Sigrún Harðardóttir.

"Hér fljótum vér eplin" by: LHÍ: Sigmann Þórðarson, HR: Gunnlaugur S. Guðmundsson, Niels B. Jónsson.

"Forest" LHÍ: Lilah Leopold, HR: Benedikt Bergmann Arason, Sveinn Haukur Albertsson,

"Robbi Róboti" LHÍ: Ólöf Rún Benediktsdóttir, HR: Sigurpáll Hjörvar Árnason, Örnólfur Örnólfsson.


FORMVERK (Sweden) selection:

Formverk (art zone) established 2004, is a dynamic, non-profit space for contemporary art and art projects. We work on a domestic, as well as an international basis, to realise artistic exchange and cooperation. To benefit a deeper understanding of emerging and experimental art, we include public discussions with artists and curators. We have comprehensive contacts with other artist-run spaces around the world, and ongoing collaborations with artists in Serbia, Albania, Poland, Bulgaria, Turkey, Yerevan, Germany, UK, India, Brazil and USA. Formverk (art zone) also arrange exhibitions in other spaces, obtains commissions and gives lectures. We actively participate in the art scene in Sweden and abroad, and firmly believe that it is important to share experiences with others - and have fun!


Portraits of...

Alberto Guerreiro (Portugal)

Jan Kather (USA)

Kika Nicolela (Brazil)

Hu Nung-Hsin (Taiwan)

Seppo Renvall (Finland)

Mirko Tzotschew (Germany)

Juha van Ingen (Finland)

Anders Weberg (Sweden)

Alison Williams (South Africa)

Stina Pehrsdotter (Sweden)

Niclas Hallberg (Sweden)

Download Formverk program here


moves selection (UK)

moves explores the notion of movement through films and screen-based works. The programme showing at 700IS is a world-wide selection of engaging, intriguing and beautiful films capturing a deep sense of rhythm through abstract narratives and conceptual contexts.

Tom Brown (UK)

Sonke Faltien (Canada)

Richard O´Sullivan (UK)

Stuart Pound (UK)

Theodore Tagholm (UK)

Betsi Dadd (UK)

Jonathan Franco (Zimbabwe / Portugal)

Bruce Gladwin (Australia)

Heidi Phillips (Canada)

Carlos Amella (Mexico)

Michael Maryniuk (Canada)

Vicent Soler (Spain)

Download moves program here


Iceland Academy of the Arts, Reykjavík

Anna Fríða Jónsdóttir: Candyland, 2009

Arnljótur Sigurðsson: Organ, 2011

Björn Halldór Helgason: Án titils, 2010

Claudia Hausfeld: Loss of face, 2010

Hlynur Heimisson: Án titils, 2010

Jarþrúður Karlsdóttir: Indjáninn og Shoguninn, 2010

Noora Isoeskeli: The untitled within, 2010

Sigrún Halldóra Gunnarsdóttir: Hugur, 2010

Tonje Alice Madsen: Sleep In Reykjavik, 2011