Artists 2009

Andreas Templin (DEU)

Andreas Templin is a visual artist and lives in Berlin. He studied art at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy and the Sandberg Institute Amsterdam. His recent exhibitions include the groupshow “Portfolio”, Egbert Baqué Contemporary Art Berlin, organized by Andreas van Dühren, „Intrude: Art & Life 366“ Zendai-Mo- MA Shanghai, Videomedeja 2008, Novi Sad/Serbia and International Forum Art Tech Media in Cordoba/ Spain. He is one of the recipients of the Eco-Japan-Cup 2008. His work is freely floating through a variety of themes and media. He sees his work in an post-productive atmosphere of art-production often utilizing modernism as a toolbox for developing new artworks.

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Johanna Reich (DEU)

BlauRot (BlueRed)
DV, PAL, 10`00, 2008
DVD-player, Videoprojector, speakers

Make it mine.

A woman is coloring her environment using the same colors she is wearing.
She creates her own criteria and standards.


Julie Sparsö Damkjaer (DEN)

Inspired by Lacans mirror stage theory, the installation deals with dualities such as reflections, doppelgangers, opposites, reversals, twins, The Objective and Subjective Self. These dualities are represented by three elements; the body, marbles and a thick clear liquid. Each element interacts with eachother and refers back to childhood, which is when the mirrorstage takes place. The elements are physically brought into the installation in order to make another double. The video being projected is reflected into the oil on the floor. The marbles which obtain an abnormal size in the video, are placed in the oil, this reveals their real size.


Hrafnkell Sigurðsson (IS)

Í myndbandsverkum sínum kemur Hrafnkell Sigurðsson fram nakinn og óvarinn, en verk hans eiga það öll sameiginlegt að fjalla um samband manns og náttúru. Fyrir 700IS 2009 vinnur hann nýtt verk fyrir tvo videómyndvarpa, EINVÍGI, sem sýnir tvær hliðar hans sjálfs í hlutverki andstæðinga. Í verkinu býður Hrafnkell áhorfendum upp á að leggja sinn eigin skilning í hlutgerðan líkama listamannsins.

In his videos Hrafnkell Sigurðsson emerges naked and exposed, but his artworks focus on the relationship between man and nature. For the 700IS festival 2009 he has made a work for two projectors, DUEL, envisioning two sides of his own self in the roles of opponents. The artist invites the viewer to assign multiple meanings to his objectified body.


Lana Vogestad (USA/IS)

My work is an exploration of immersive and unsettling environments. The viewer’s experience becomes the subject matter and the sublime can be turned inward into one’s self. By focusing on and transforming my surroundings through a range of media, I seek to expose aspects of the human condition, such as memory, loss, longing, and mortality. This video/sound installation is inspired by the strong presence of the ocean in Iceland. The footage is taken at Grotta, a black sand beach near Reykjavik, and is projected onto salt on the floor. Salt has metaphorical and historical connections to mortality, preservation and purification, in addition to its overt association with the ocean. This project explores the interaction between the two elements in combination with the gradual sound of instrumental entanglement and interference. The fall and rise of the subconscious spill over purity and ruins.


Sigrún Lýðsdóttir & Tom Goulden (IS+GB)

Tom Goulden is an artist with a background in painting and graffiti art and Sigrún Lýðsdóttir (a.k.a Sygee and Eyelove Co.) a video artist and designer started creating work together over two years ago. They have developed a new technique of combining their styles of practice to make animated wall installations.
For this years exhibition in Egilstaðir, Tom Goulden will be painting an iconic Sugar Skull from Mexican day of the dead festival in the slaughter house and then elements of the work will be animated and projected into by Sigrun to create a moving installation. Together they will add spontanious elements to the animation and mural leaving an element of chance to the final outlook of the finished piece . Both artist´s work involves pattern, bright colour and an almost simple graphic look using strong dark outlining. Inside the slaughterhouse space the wall will come to life when the projection/mural is visible.


Soffía Guðrún Kr. Jóhannsdóttir (IS)

Teikning er sjálfsagt framhald af daglegum hreyfingum. Hún er viðbót við hversdaginn, skrásetning hreyfingar. Eða túlkun á daglegum athöfnum, línan sem verður eftir þegar hnífaparaskúffa er opnuð. Ég teikna athafnir og form í náttúrunni sem eru okkur sýnileg og ósýnileg. Eins og núna þegar ég er að skrifa þennan texta þá er ég í raun að mynda teikningu. Hún er ekki stór þessi teikning, en ef ég hefði blek á puttanum, þá yrði til hin snotrasta teikning, endurteking hreyfingarinnar. Mér líkar endurtekningin, hreyfingin og strúktúrinn í teikningu. Ég er ekki litadjarfur myndlistarmaður en maður sem ég met mikils sagði við mig „reyndu að treina að nota lit”. Ég hef stundum reynt að nota lit, en það finnst mér yfirleitt kjánalegt og henta teikningunni illa. Litir eru hlaðnir af upplýsingum og ég vil að línan sé hrein.

A drawing is perhaps a continuation of daily movements. It adds to the everyday, recording movements - or an interpretation of daily activities; the line that appears when a kitchen drawer is opened. I draw instances and forms of nature that are either visible to us or not. Like now, when I write this text, I really am forming a drawing. This drawing isn´t large but if I had ink on my fingers it would make a pretty picture, the repetition of the movement. I like repetition, the movement and the structure in the drawing. I do not venture with colours much but a man I highly repspect once said to me „try to refrain from using of colours”. I have sometimes used colours, though, but usually I find it somehow silly and it doesn’t become my drawings. Colours are loaded with feelings and I want the line to be pure.


Gestasýningastjórar - hátíðir:


Agricola de Cologne / Cologne OFF (Online Film Festival) (GER)

CologneOFF - Cologne Online Film Festival
is a new and mobile type of a film and video festival directed and curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne, a new media curator and media artist from Cologne/Germany.
Due to its successful concept, the festival - founded in 2006 - is taking place simultaneously online, as well as in physical space via the cooperation with partner festivals all over the world.
700IS Reindeerland is presenting a selection from the latest festival edition - CologneOFF IV - Here We Are!

CologneOFF -
VideoChannel -
[NewMediaArtProjectNetwork]:||cologne -
the experimental platform for art and new media


Moves09 – 23 to 28 April – in Manchester and the UK

Now in its 5th year, moves is established as the largest exhibition platform in the UK for experimental short film and new media with a unique focus on movement on screen, exploring new ways of telling stories through films, installations and screen-based art.

moves is also a creative hub with a mission to nurture and showcase new talent, through artists' residencies, interactive live events and moves lab, a 5-day filmmaking challenge running during the festival.


Art Video Screening, Örebro, Sweden

Project manager, Jonas Nilsson
Project assistant, Eva Olsson

Art Video Screening is an artist-run event and platform focusing on videoart and aims to support artists work.
The event which is the only one of its kind in Sweden started 2005. Once a year artists are able to submit new video works. Selected videoworks will be part of Art Video Screening’s archive.
We only consider videoart made by emerging and established artists that is art-form committed and is suitable to show as a single-channel projection.


VAIA – International Video Art Show of Alcoi.
Valencian Country (Spain)
Director and fo
under Pau Pascual Galbis

From its early days, the approach of the VAIA project has been intrinsically transnational as regards the participants, and poetic and interdisciplinary as regards its works. A bold, borderline attitude towards the different genres and techniques on show, providing a home for the misunderstood and unclassified single channel.
In addition, although VAIA 2005 began with a specific proposal for the authors publishing their texts in the catalogue, particular attention has always been paid to its video artists, championing complete freedom in the choice of themes for their works.

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